Shawls and Stoles

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Knitting Pattern Central) before viewing.

Fox Wrap


Freya Shawl

Frilled Party Shawl

Fringed Beach Wrap

Fringed Shawl

Frost Diamonds Shawl

Fun And Fast Raglan Shawl

Funky, Sexy Knitted Shawl

Fusion Shawl

*Gable Wrap

*Galles Shawl

Gamayun Bird Lace Shawl

Garden View Shawlette

Garter Stitch Slip Stitch Border Shawl

Gemma Tank and Shawl

Geometry-Inspired Lace Shawl

Georgia Oversized Square Shawl

Geschenk Lace Shawl

Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl

Gioiello Shawl

Girly Shawl

Giselle Shawl

Glam Shells Lace Shawl

Glitzy Cat's Paw Lace Wrap

Glorious Garter Wrap

Good Day Sunshine Shawl

Good Mood Shawl

Gracefully Shawl

Graduated Drop Stitch Shawl

+Grande Wrap

Spring Ruana

Square Shawl

Stained Glass Shawl

Star - Openwork Lace Shawl

+Star Stole

Starburst Pi Shawl

Starstruck Shawl

Stella Luna Lace Shawl

Stevie Shawl with Sleeves

Stole for Little Girl

Storm Cloud Shawlette

Strawberry Pie Shawl

Subtle Sparkle Shawl

+Suede Mini-Stole

+Summer Shawlette

Summer Snow Wrap

Summer's Day Beach Sarong

Summertime Lace Shawl

Summery Wrap

+Summit American Yak Wrap

Summit Shawl

Sunset Wrap

+Sunshine Shawl

Super Simple, Super Stylish Wrap

Survival Stole

Susan Summer Shawl

Swamp Witch Stole

Sweet Alyssum Shawl

Sweet November Shawl/Scarf

Swirl Shawl

Tamarah Wrap

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