Shawls and Stoles

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Knitting Pattern Central) before viewing.

Crystal Spring Wrap

Cyrcus Lace Shawl

Cyrcus Rectangular Lace Shawl

Daisy Stitch Lace Shawl

Dancing Hands Shawl

Dandelion Shawl

Dawn Til Dusk Shawlette

Day at the Met Mitered Wrap

Day to Date Time Shawl

Deco Ribbon and Splash Stole

Delicate Cables Shawl

Delicate Shawl

Denim Shawl

*Deux Cotes Top-Down Triangle Shawl

Diamond Pattern Shawl

+Diamond Shawl

Diamond Shawl

Diana Wrap

Dishcloth Shawl

+Diva Shawl

Diva Shawl

Domino Sunset Shawl

Dorothy Day Shawl

Dorothy Ripple Shawl

Dragon Scales Shawl

Dragon Wing Shawl

Dragon Wings Shawl

Drop of Color Shawl

+Drop Stitch Wrap

Duchess Small Shawl

Dummy Clap Shawl

Ribbed Slit Shawl

Ring In The New Year Shawl

+Ripple Shawl

Rippling Stole

Road Trip Shawl

Roll Collar Wrap

Rolling Waves Shawlette

+Romance Cover-up

+Romance Ruffled Stole

Romancing Shawl

Rose Quartz Shawl

Rose Trellis Shawl

Rose's Shawl

+Royal Heart Stole

+Royal Wrap

+Ruana Wrap

Ruby Shoulder Shawl

*Ruffle Stole/Scarf

Ruffle Wrap

Ruffled Shawl

Ruffled Shawl

Ruffled Shawl

Rusty Nail Shawl

Sagittaria Shawl

Salina Shawl

Samantha's Shawl

Sanibel Lace Shawl

Sanibel Wrap

Santa Barbara Wrap

Santiago Entrelac Wrap

Sari Silk Scarf/Wrap

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