Shawls and Stoles

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Knitting Pattern Central) before viewing.

Jazz Shawl

Jeanie Stole

Jerry - Quick Stole

+Joan's Any-Wear Shawl

Josephina Oversized Wrap

Judy Wrap

June Bunnies Shawl

Juno Regina Wrap

Just Holes Shawl

Justify Mobius

Kate's Shawl

Kelp Forest Shawlette

Kenetic Stole

Kid Merino + Little Flowers Shawl

Kingsolver Shawl

*Krystina Diamond Lace Shawl

Kudzu Shawlette

*La Vie En Rose Sleeved Shawl

*Lace Alpaca Shawl

Lace Blanket Shawl

Lace Diamonds Triangular Shawl

Lace Mystery Shawl

Lace Sequin Shawl

Lace Silk Shawlette

Lace Stripe Shawl

Lace Transparent Wrap

Lace Triangle Shawl

Lace Wannabe Shawl

+Lace Wrap

Lace Wrap

Lace Wrap

Trip to Belfast Shawl

Tripinnate Shawl

Tripinnate Shawlette

Tuscany Dreams Stole

*Tuxedo Shawl

Twisted Edge Shawlette

Umbrella Shawlette

Utsukushii Wrap

+V Shawl

Valis Triangle Shawl

Variation on a Frill Stole

Vegan Fox Stole

Venice Wrap

Ventura Shawl

Ventura Wrap

Verdant Colorwork Stole

Victorian Enchantment Shawl

Wandering Waves Bias Shawl

Wavy Shawl

+Wedding Shawl

Weekender Lace Wrap Stole

Weekender Lace Wrap Stole

Westerly Shawl Scarf

What's It Shawl

Whisper Wrap

Wild Flower Shawl

Woodland Shawlette

Woven Stitch Stole

Wysteria Shawl

Zen Garden Stole

Zeta Shawl

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